The Memoir Kit

The Memoir KitDo you have a story in you, but you just don’t know where to start? Get the memoir kit!

This easy-to-use, comprehensive kit walks you through the preparation for writing your own biography, memoir, or novel.

Designed to get even the most un-creative person developing believable characters, settings, and plot points, The Memoir Kit is your go-to tool for setting your dream of writing a biography or memoir-style novel into action.

$5.00 – exclusively on Fiverr!

The Ghostwriter Kit

The Ghostwriter KitYou have a story that needs to be told, but you are not a writer. You’ve heard about ghostwriters and what they can do to help you get your idea publish-ready – but where do you start? How do you know what the ghostwriter will need? How can you be sure that your story is told the way you want it told?

The Ghostwriter Kit is your perfect solution. It includes all of the worksheets you need to get your story ready to hand off to a ghostwriter. This kit includes sample contracts and valuable how-to’s for finding the right writer for your story.

$5.00 – exclusively on Fiverr!


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