What’s Holding You Back? Choices Magazine

Choices Magazine by Judi MoreoWhat holds you back? Is it your finances? Weight? Social skills? Race? Religion? Location? Lack of education? Age?

Yes, folks may judge you for what you are or are not – but that is their problem, not yours. If you allow these things to take hold of your dreams, then these are all just excuses to not do the work.

Excuses are for wimps.

Sure, it may seem that you have to work harder than others do. Sure, you may fail. But as I’ve said before and I’ll say again (often to myself when I’m wimping out on something): Failure is always an option. Giving up is not.

Each and every one of your excuses are valid. But, they’re also just a crutch – and you don’t need them. Let them go. Overcome and achieve on your terms, not theirs!

As a member of the board of the Las Vegas chapter of the National Speakers Association, it is my great privilege to attend meetings with several of my speaker heroes, one of whom is Judi Moreo.

Judi has a lot to say about personal choices and self-development, and is well-known in the industry not only for being a great speaker, but for her sense of humor and engaging wit.

Plus, she’s a former model and still really, really pretty.

As part of her empire (she is one of the busiest people I know), she puts out her magazine, Choices. This issue, my article on overcoming those things that hold you back is on page 43!


Failure is always an option. Giving up is not.


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