Update from Vegas

It was an honor to be among my fellow contestants last night. I was amazed and inspired by the stories, humor and life messages. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that I belonged on that stage with those incredibly talented people. How cool is that? We’re the top 10% of the WORLD. Wow, just wow. I am so grateful for the opportunity.

So, I didn’t win – not this year. Just wait. I’ve already begun writing next year’s speeches.

I was fortunate enough to get to see my dear friend, Omar Rivas, take first in his round and move on to the finals. He is such a sweet, amazingly giving man. Even in the midst of his own competition, he took the time to offer me insights and advice. He even came to cheer for me – right after the whirlwind of press meetings, photos and hefting his giant trophy. What a big sweetie! I will be cheering for him until I’m hoarse at the finals Saturday night!

Today, there are some odds and ends at the convention and then we’re playing on the strip for a bit. Jim and I will ride some roller coasters and see the sights. We’ve been treated to a wonderful time with our dear, dear friends Linda & Kim who live here in Vegas. They are spoiling us rotten and we’re loving it!

Great things are on the horizon!

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