Full- or Half- Day In-house Training

Bring in a pro to train your team or department on your own turf – and still have fun doing it!

Training will be tailored for your organization and thus must be booked a minimum of 3 months in advance. Custom materials and bulk discounts on companion books available upon request.


Improv Your Bottom Line

The principles employed by a successful improv troupe involve advanced communication and observation skills. It is a fun and easy way to teach trust, listening, teamwork, innovation, letting go of the past, seeing opportunities, and the creative problem solving this new business frontier demands.

The audience will become part of the program as they participate in team-building games and scenes while learning how to apply the following principles:

  • Embrace change (what to do when it all goes off-plan)
  • Co-create an agenda in the moment
  • Use mistakes as invitations
  • Accept and move energy (seeing and giving gifts in ideas and endowments)



Who and How to Hire and Fire

Is your HR office like a revolving door? Stop losing money by supporting a high turnaround. Learn how to hire better and who to let go to create a more effective workplace. In these tailor-made breakout sessions, you will learn the following concepts:

  • Interviews that don’t stump, spank, or stink
  • The myth of the Purple Squirrel
  • The dealmaker exercise for better employee scouting
  • Creating a bullet-proof battle plan to turn your difficult employee into an asset
  • S.W.I.F.T. goal setting


Networking with Intention

Help participants get the most out of your convention or conference by giving them advanced networking techniques.

In these sessions, you will learn the following concepts:

  • The difference between bragging and self-promotion
  • Fun ways to get others talking
  • How to take control of your networking by setting your intention

Getting Into and Out of Conversations with Style

Are your participants suffering from Wallflower Syndrome and not enjoying all that your events have to offer? In these breakout sessions they will learn the following easy ways to join in and be memorable – in a good way.

  • How to let go of anxiety by tapping into everyone’s secret shared desire
  • How to get into conversations without feeling or looking like a dork
  • What to talk about once you’ve established a connection
  • How to gracefully exit the conversation without alienating the other participant(s)

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