Purple Light Nights

Purple Light Nights logoThis year I will be speaking out and singing (!) at the opening ceremonies of the Purple Light Nights in Covington, WA (7:00 pm October 1)

No, there are no strobes or discos and it’s not Christmas – though there is a tree! Purple Light Nights runs from October 1-31 and is all about saving lives through awareness and education about domestic violence. All over the city, purple lights will shine to raise awareness and get the community involved. Many businesses get involved by sponsoring lighted trees and buildings, lighting up the whole community in a safe-feeling, purple glow.

The event was conceived by the Covington Domestic Violence Task Force, King County, WA with the desire to:

  • Remember the victims who lost their lives from domestic violence
  • Support those who survived domestic violence
  • Hope for those still living with abuse

As a survivor of domestic violence, it is my honor to share my strength and hope for those who may need to hear it. I will post my speech here afterwards.

Take action – go to the Purple Light Nights website and see how you may get involved. If your city is not listed, perhaps it’s time you made it so!


If you’d like to see my speech, it’s now on YouTube.


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