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What is Nose-to-Nose Networking?

“An easy-to-read, simple-to-understand networking book with a unique point of view. You will love Abigail and the life lessons she inspires. A must-read!”
– A.S., Marketing Manager

Nose-to-Nose Networking is a book and series of workshops inspired by Abigail, the gregarious Golden Retriever. While the author (Mélanie Hope) was working with survivors of domestic violence in helping them find their voices and get back into the workforce, she found inviting and inspiring stories in how Abby worked a room. Abby wasn’t afraid. She didn’t let past failures stop her from her social agenda – she was just herself, and it was enough. Mélanie took these stories and related them back to how we humans can re-learn the skills of building a network.

Best sense of humor about people and the human condition that I’ve run into lately.”
– Carolyn Dalen, Project Manager

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Using the antics of Abigail, her socially adept Golden Retriever, the author found an engaging way to impart effective networking techniques to her fellow humans. With fun photos and inviting stories, Nose-to-Nose Networking is a must-have for any person or group that seeks to build or expand an effective network.

This old dog learned a couple of new tricks. It’s a very worthwhile book that everyone can gain something from.”
– Bob Ingram, author of “Your Ultimate Sales Force”



The market has changed. You can no longer expect your résumé alone to get you a job. Networking is, by far, the most effective way at finding those hidden jobs. For many, this is a new frontier. How do you get started?

You as a jobseeker, in particular, benefit as there is a vast hidden job market that can only be tapped into by getting out there and establishing yourself as an expert in your field. Even if you are not offered a job on the spot, you are putting yourself at the forefront of business owners’ and recruiters’ minds just by being present. Building a good network means creating an asset that you can utilize when it’s most needed. Your network can do so much more than just help you find your next career – it can create a social life, find a home, build a future and help you help others.


As a small business owner, you know that quality leads are like gold. You also know that advertising alone will not get you the ongoing results you need.

How do you retain current accounts and generate prospective, long-term clients without spending every cent of your capital?

It’s all in your reputation!

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you represent your brand. Nose-to-Nose Networking will teach you how to plant the seeds that will enable your business to blossom.

I want to make it mandatory for every member of my sales team to own this book!”
– G. Melrose, Top-level sales manager

How often have you attended a networking event and collected a bunch of business cards – only to end up with a great collection but no real connections? What is the point of all the schmoozing if you aren’t furthering your business or building your network? Nose-to-Nose Networking teaches you how to set your intention, follow up on those leads and build a real, live network that will help you reach your goals.

Simple tips, such as writing on those cards you collect, will take you to the next level. Read the book, then schedule the author to speak at your next training event!

What’s inside “Nose-to-Nose Networking”:

Part 1: Nose-to-Nose – The definition of networking
Part 2: Untuck Your Tail – Overcoming social anxiety
Part 3: Sit. Shake. Speak. …and other tricks of the advanced networker
Part 4: Happy Tails – Tips and extras

I thoroughly enjoyed it. What a wonderful metaphor for networking. You easily convinced me how simple it all is.”
– Vicki Rowe Johnson, State Farm Insurance

From the introduction:

Social media is all the rage, but an online network can only go so far. Meaningful networking requires leaving the safety of your home and meeting real, live people. Face-to-face networking, what was once the only way to network, has now become a source of fear and stress. Funny that in a world where we are so connected to one another we still find it difficult to actually connect.

It doesn’t have to be.

Networking should be as easy and natural as petting a friendly dog. A well-trained, friendly dog is remembered and welcomed nearly everywhere. Even people who don’t particularly like dogs will warm up to a good dog. Dogs, as many studies have shown, can lower your blood pressure and increase many feel-good hormones. Dogs see the real person within and are not afraid to introduce themselves to strangers. Wouldn’t it be great to have those kinds of social skills? Wouldn’t you love to see networking as a joy, rather than a task? As you go through this book, you will see that what seems to come naturally to a particular Golden Retriever can be easily translated into human actions and attitudes that will make you, too, a master networker.

PaperbackOn KindleOn Nook
Nose to Nose Networking by Melanie Hope on KindleGet Nook version of Nose-to-Nose Networking
Other books by Mélanie Hope

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