No glass ceiling was ever shattered by a whiner

Last Monday I had the privilege of making some new friends who had originated from South Africa. Later, I reflected on a group I was part of when I was in school, Students Opposed to Apartheid. We focused on South Africa and what we, as citizens of the United States, could do to help end the insanity of segregation – with understanding that we still have a long way to go even here.

It also made me think about the brave men and women who have worked so tirelessly to shatter those barriers that have helped us make the progress we have. Imagine what life in the US (and even South Africa) would be like without the people who fought against what they knew was wrong. It takes guts to move forward when the world tells you that you shouldn’t – or that you can’t.

I was glad to have that chance to remind myself that not everyone is bending to modern society’s cry of victimhood. Sure, it may sound harsh, but we’re making so little progress because so few people are willing to work. I mean, why bother when you can get a handout and a pat on the back from someone who will say, “There there, it’s not  your fault.”? I say that if you accept the status quo it IS your fault. Get off your lazy butt and shatter some glass!


No glass ceiling was ever shattered by a whiner -Melanie Hope

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