The Check Engine Light Saga continues

You can probably guess from the title what I’m about to say. As I’m running around trying to get everything disconnected, undone, tore apart, packed, and otherwise ready to go or stay – the stupid little bugger came BACK ON!!

Can I get a collective cheesy Darth Vader NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!?

I called the dealer, got transferred to service, and talked to the manager’s daughter. She said that she’s not sure what more could be going wrong, since they replaced the whole panel, but would be willing to look at it again. She could fit me in next Wednesday. Just short of tears, I reminded her that the whole reason we got the vehicle was to make the trip to Nevada – for which we would be leaving TOMORROW. She said come on down, and they’d fit me in.

She was able to get right to me. She came out to the car and hooked up a diagnostic machine. By then, the little bugger had gone out again. Just like kids and pets, you can never get your car to do what it was doing for you before there is an audience. Of course, the diagnosis was that nothing is wrong. “Make sure the gas cap is on tightly,” she reminded me. Grrr…

Moving is stressful enough without strange lights coming on and off in your car. Stop it!!

Heh…heh…heh… Speaking of stress, we got the trailer tonight. 5×8 is even smaller than it sounds. I don’t think Jim realized just how little we’ll have room for. We debated getting a larger trailer, but then decided we were up for the challenge (and not up for the extra expense – nearly $200). He has a LOT of work to do. All the furniture was mine, and it’s all gone. I’ve sent a bunch of things to the homeless shelter and Deseret Industries, my all-time favorite second-hand store. I’m down to what fits in the tubs we have on hand and the wardrobe box we got at U-haul when we picked up the trailer. Jim has been working until this very point, and still has barely started packing. Oh, yes, we’re leaving tomorrow.

I had several friends in and out all day helping me pack the kitchen and office. We still have the bedroom set because the folks we sold it to are moving the same day – so they’ll be by tomorrow to pick up the whole lot. The rest of the house kind of got packed as we cleared out the furniture. The back room (formerly known as the “Supposed to be Man Cave, but ended up the Sewing Room”) was the first to get cleared, and that is where I had been staging what was to go. I tried to tape off the size of the trailer so that we knew exactly how much room we had left, but things got kind of crazy.

We have a bunch of friends coming over in the morning to help load the trailer. Jim expects to be up all night packing. I’m thinking it might get ugly – there is still SO MUCH to do!! We’re renters, and we want to leave the place in good condition – so we have to leave time for cleaning, too. I’m thinking that my dreams of hitting the road early on Saturday are not so realistic. Oh well, we have until the 30th to clear out. Worst comes to worst, we’ll stay another day. And sleep on the floor.

The modem goes back tomorrow AM, so no updates until we’re on the road.

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