Check Engine Light is checked

Mid-afternoon I got the call that our Honda is ready to go. That took longer than I thought, but I’m sure relieved to have one less stress point. They told me that the fuel sensor needed to be replaced and the entire panel had to be pulled. They showed me the work ticket – over $500 worth of repairs. Boy, am I glad I insisted that fix be in writing! (Lesson, boys and girls – if you spot any POTENTIAL issues with your used vehicle, make them take care of it BEFORE  you give them money – and get it in writing.)

Meanwhile, I found the perfect transport for the cats – a giant dog crate. Got a screaming deal on it at Good Will because it was missing the pieces that hold it together (I’ll get screws at Home Depot and it’ll work fine). My friend gave me a covered litter box that will fit inside of it and still give the kitties plenty of room to roam. Basically, they’ll have the whole back end of the Honda, and Abby will have the whole cargo area to herself. Everything else goes in the trailer.

“Everything else” is going to be tough to choose. The taped-off area in the back room is almost full, and over half the house is still left to pack. I took the heads off my drums so they can nest inside of each other and take up less vertical space. I’ve actually started opening boxes and consolidating them – taking out things I’ve packed that I can live without or repurchase later. Stuff I don’t need, stuff I only think I need, boxes that were packed by friends that weren’t full enough, etc. The office went from 6 boxes and and 2 tubs to 2 boxes and 1 tub. Of course, that’s not counting the printer, computer, desks, and shelving.

So I sold the shelving.

And the desks.

We’re getting there!

I’m bringing all my camping gear, just in case it comes down to that, but we’re armed with pet-friendly hotel information and a desire to hit at least one state a night. The GPS thinks it will take us 19 hours to drive there. Hmmm… That’s only two days even if we don’t drive at night – not bad. It might take a little longer, given that both people and dog will need potty stops.

I’ve boiled several dozen eggs and stocked up on string cheese, nuts, and other travel-friendly, low-carb foods to keep us going. Whatever fits in the cooler makes the trip. The rest is either tossed or donated.

I did buy two bags each of dog and cat food to ensure they do not run out for at least the first month. No matter what happens on the way or once we get there, I never want my fuzzy kids to go without.

Now, where to put all that food???

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