The Check Engine Light

A few days ago, we purchased a 2001 Honda Passport. It’s in really great conditions and it’s perfect for the trip we are about to make – room for the pets, towing a trailer, and strong air conditioner.

The Honda check engine lightThe only hitch (ha!) was that it didn’t have a tow kit, which we really needed, and the Check Engine light came on during our test drive. We were assured that the light was simply because the gas cap was not put back on tightly enough, and that they would be more than happy to install a tow kit. Swell. I made them put it in writing before we handed over the dough.

Two days later, I picked up our new little SUV all shiny and ready with a brand-spanking new tow kit (yay!) and drove away.

Today, the Check Engine light came back on, and it brought a friend. YIKES!!! It seemed to be going totally bats, between flashing that we were out of gas (when we had just filled the tank), to telling us to check the engine. After re-screwing the gas cap more times than I care to share, I called the dealer. They transferred me to service. The man was very nice and said that they’d be happy to take a look at it (since I got it in writing that they’d fix it before we bought it), bring it on in. When I told him that I was in the process of moving and had a bazillion errands to run, he even offered me a free loaner.

Turns out that they’ll need to keep the car over night. OK, little rental Deawoo, you and I have some business to attend to!

Now, about the Daewoo. I’ve never driven one of these puppies before, and this one has seen a LOT of…love, we’ll call it. She’s not exactly the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen (whoever did the window tinting needs to be flogged with said peeling tint), but she’s ZIPPY! When I picked Jim up from work, I was zinging around the parking lot yelling “zip! zip! zip!” (As Jim works for the Federal Government, this was especially well received by security). They are fun little cars to drive.

I hope Honda car is OK. I’m trying to be very positive and not freak out. Well, not completely. We’ll see.

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