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The idea of starting over has a certain appeal. Yes, I have a household full of furniture, memories, and – frankly – junk. What do I keep? What is most important to me? What will fit in that tiny trailer? (How good of a packer AM I, anyway?) The culling began a week ago. Everything – and I do mean everything – has been on <Craigslist> with luke-warm success. What’s funny, though, is that most of my furniture has gone to friends. Honestly, the whole selling of furniture has turned into a great humanitarian effort, rather than a money-making endeavor. While I did have a few offers for what I asked, nearly everything has gone for much less to someone with a greater need. Sigh…

The living room went to a young family who needed sturdy, dependable child-proof furniture.

The entertainment center (complete with TV, stereo, VCR, etc…), dishes, silverware, lamps, and assorted cookware went to a pre-med student who, for obvious reasons, had no housewares at all.

The bedroom set went to a friend’s mother who had never had an actual bed. I mean, how do you say no to that?

The dining room got broken up between another college student (chairs) and my friend who needed a place for her microwave (baker’s rack). I’m keeping the table. I don’t know why, I just really like it. It has a drawer.

We’re hoping to get down to clothing, musical instruments, photos and books we can’t let go, toiletries, and some kitchen gadgetry. The rest will either be sold (oh, please!) or donated to charity.

At least, that is the theory. Jim hasn’t even started packing yet, and the garage is full of his “miscellaneous” boxes.


Getting the trailer Friday!

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