Lee Kaplanian

In my vast network, I have made many dear friends with whom I love to connect as often as possible. At the top of the list of those I cherish is Lee Kaplanian. Lee’s business is to promote your business by – as she says – “keeping you on your client’s mind using all five senses.” Besides all the great products she can hook you up with, including imprinted pens and – oh yes! – chocolate, Lee is an idea generator. You spend an hour having coffee or lunch with Lee and you leave with a million ideas on how to promote your business or event.  You get a whole lot for your time with Lee.

Lee Kaplanian

Lee Kaplanian

But enough about what she does. Let’s talk about who she is. Lee is a mixture of honest business woman, naive child, and fearless warrior. She has a sweet passion that burns intensely enough to be seen shooting from her fingertips and hair follicles. She is a master network builder and a genuine friend. She is truly one-of-a-kind, and my life is blessed by having her in it.

We spent this afternoon sharing a lunch and cuddling kittens while we each confessed our current fears and frustrations. There just aren’t many people you can feel comfortable doing that with, but with Lee, it felt safe. She’s going through some rough times right now. While my first impulse is to swoop in and help in any way I can, I didn’t have much to offer her outside of a listening ear and two adorable foster kitties. The kittens were happy to oblige, and as she held them to her chest and felt their vibrating purrs, Lee’s face contained the glee of a kid on Christmas. Yet, I still felt that I was the one blessed by having her in my home.

Lee writes a blog she calls “The Gift Of RA” – if you want to know how on earth she can call her rheumatoid arthritis a gift, read her blog. She has a lot to say about how to live your life without giving in. She has a great sense of humor and a fine sense of self. Tough, but lovable combination.

Lee is also very gracious in promoting of those in her network. I am honored to be the featured business in her December newsletter! Really, there is nothing I could make up about myself that is as nice as the things she says about me. Here’s her article:


She’ll Rock Your World!

Melanie is so multi-talented, there is no pigeonhole for her. She is a writer, keynote speaker, singer, artist – both fine and graphic – a social media maven, personal coach to help you with your presentation – the list goes on and on. What you won’t find on her resume is her wonderful sense of humor, a great spirit picker upper when you are down or just had a day that sucks, cheer leader to others, creative with amazing ideas, supportive and encouraging, enthusiastic, and lavish with her sincere praise. I love reading her blog “Hope Explodes” on her website, she writes the way I wish I did. Her newest book, “Get Over It & Get Started” – self-help with a spine – is now available via her web site or on Amazon.

We hit it off at our first meeting and as I have become better acquainted, I find we have so many things in common. Her creativity will bounce off mine and we spark ideas for ourselves and each other while having fun. She is such an upbeat person even when Life throws hardballs at her. She is an inspiration and encouragement to so many women who have survived very difficult life situations, her life experiences give her a special insight into their outlook and needs. We both have an oddball sense of humor; it’s so cool not to have to explain myself because she knows exactly what I mean.

As a social media maven she is Facebook and Twitter savvy – she helped me with my WordPress blog and I had trouble keeping up because she knew exactly what it needed and how to do it. She is always 16 steps ahead of me yet explains things in simple terms I can understand. This lady is so multi-faceted that I keep discovering new talents and qualities the longer I know her.

Thanks, Lee! Make sure you pencil me in for lunch and  kitten cuddling next Friday.

Bits & Pieces - Lee Kaplanian's Newsletter

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