Keynote Topics

Keynotes are tailored and timed for your event. Bulk discounts available for all companion materials.

Make an impact on your participants and start (or end) your event with a bang by offering one of Mélanie’s dynamic and thought-provoking keynotes that do so much more than motivate. Laugh and learn how to communicate effectively with your team, your clients, and yourself.

Based on Improv Your Bottom Line:


The Moment is Now

One of the most important skills of an improvisational actor is the ability to be “in the moment.” Your ability to let go of the past and wait for the future will strengthen your communications and your team’s dynamic. This translates into how to listen before talking, understand without judging, and act without overthinking.

Getting to YES, AND…

Have you ever heard an idea that you thought was just plain stupid – until you got to the next step or followed an idea that spun off of it? Learn how to harness this supportive, team-building tool to fuel your innovation.


Based on The Sniper’s Guide to  Leadership:

S.W.I.F.T. Goalsetting – New goals for the Millennium

It’s well past time for an update on those S.M.A.R.T. goals! Our workforce is more diverse and dynamic than ever.

How to Communicate, Appreciate, & Delegate to Achieve Top Performance

Employee retention is more than just keeping the ones willing to stay. If you hired well but they’re still leaving, it’s time to offer them what they need – and it isn’t more pay!

Based on Nose-to-Nose Networking:

Overcoming Social Anxiety by Tapping Into Everyone’s Secret, Shared Desire

If you hear crickets during your organization’s social events, it’s time to teach them the following skills:

  • How to get into conversations without feeling or looking like a dork
  • What to talk about once you’ve established a connection
  • How to gracefully exit the conversation without alienating the other participant(s)


Based on Get Over It & Get Started:

Own It, Overcome It, & Optimize It – Whatever “It” is.

Using her own crazy life stories and hard-learned lessons, Mélanie offers the motivation and the momentum to take your life and/or business to the next level – no matter what challenges you may be facing.

  • Own it – realize your choices led you to your situation
  • Overcome it – forgive your past and yourself
  • Optimize it – using your failures to change and create your future

How to Get Over your Fear, Failure, and Other Self-inflicted Nonsense

Fear and failure are healthy – but only if you learn from them and do not allow them to control you. If your organization is mired in whiners and worry-warts, help them move past it and into innovation.

  • Fear is healthy if you know how to harness it
  • Failure is desired, if used it correctly
  • Overcoming other self-inflicted nonsense, including whining rights

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