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Business Info Guide logoI’m excited and humbled to be among the very talented business book writers interviewed on!

Nose-to-Nose Networking is a great source for businesses that include any type of sales or personal contact. (Wouldn’t that be ANY business, really?) It is also a great book for the jobseeker who needs that extra edge in finding those non-advertised jobs and opportunities.

Nose-to-Nose Networking is a fun, approachable way to learn how to really meet people and make those connections that make the difference in your career and business. It’s great for people at all levels – from those with social anxiety to those with advanced sales experience.

There are some fabulous books on the site that would complement mine. I recommend:
Networking for the Novice, Nervous or Naive Job Seeker by Tom Dezell
The Image of Success: Make a Great Impression And Land The Job You Want by Lizandra Vega
HIRED! How to Use Sales Techniques to Sell Yourself On Interviews by Elinor Stutz

Of course, make sure you order your copy of Nose-to-Nose Networking first!

Order your autographed copy here:


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