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A beautiful lady wrote a fabulous post and inspired many of us to do our own homework assignment. Thank you, Lynn of Power Chicks for your idea !

Sometimes we get so mired in day-to-day that we forget why we do what we do – or even what we are doing. A sense of futility  may set in. Or, worse, we may get so involved be everything to everyone that we completely lose ourselves. Suddenly we are wholly unfulfilled, and we don’t understand why. As I’ve said in Get Over It & Get Started, you do not impress anyone with how much you can juggle – especially if you are so busy doing everyone else’s everything else that you end up dropping half the balls.

Pick up your own balls first (I think of Abby and her tennis balls, what did you think??) and take time for yourself. Recall what your fundamental beliefs are. Revisit them daily. Here are mine:

I believe…

  • that the majority of human beings are fundamentally good.

  • that music worth it – always.

  • in abundance abundantly for all, all the time with repetitive redundancy.

  • that sometimes to hang on, you’ve got to let go.

  • that the Universe wants us all to succeed.

What do you believe? Post them here or via link to your own blog. Revisit yours, recharge yourself, learn to say no now and then. Oh – and have a fabulous day!


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  1. You are, as always, a joy to read, and your message is spot on.

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