Made it to the end of 2009 with no more flat tires. Can I get a “WOOT!“?

Did not, however, make it past the first week of the new year.

Saw that the ‘new’ tire was a bit low and just happened to be at a stoplight in front of a Les Schwab. Given my recent experience, I gunned it over four lanes of traffic and slid in to a spot. When the tech came in to tell me that he had to remove a nail I burst out laughing. He probably thinks I’m completely insane.

He may be right.

I do not want to be on the Les Schwab popcorn diet for the rest of my life (seems like I dine there most often these days), SO, in the effort to practice what I preach as a momentum speaker, I offer this to the universe:

“My tires are all strong, reliable and perpetually inflated. They repel nails, screws, and any form of shrapnel as well as rhinoceroses.”

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