Happy adoption day!

Two cats cuddle with a Golden Retriever and stuffed dragonToday, Max and Maggie officially became our kitties. Abby is thrilled.

We had been fostering them (see “Pet Fostering” and “Max & Maggie update“) and had actually found homes for them – but we fell in love. Sorry about that, Liz!

So did Abby. So did our other kitty, Jr. Barnes.

Sooo…after very little debate, we decided to make them officially our own. Some pet fosters we turned out to be. Hmph. These cats are so amazingly cuddly, so purrfull, so sweet and charming and talkative – we can’t imagine life without them.

Seems that we’re not alone – every foster family that had a kitten from this litter kept them. They’re pretty special. One of my friends described Maggie as a bean bag with a few beans missing.

I assured her that she is actually quite full of beans, really.


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