Get Over It & Get Started


Self-help with a spine.

This book is about defining your chosen role as a victim – letting it go – and then keeping that momentum to choose your own destiny.

You don’t have to start out rich, brilliant, or well-connected. You don’t have to have great parents, a shining talent, or a million-dollar idea. I didn’t. You simply have to CHOOSE to stop being tossed about and grab the controls of your own life.

Stop using your lousy childhood as an excuse to be a lousy adult. Stop blaming anyone and anything around you for your bad decisions. The past is the past. Get over it, and get started living.

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From the back cover:

There are literally millions of very nice self-help books out there, all of which could help you cope with your crappy life.

This is not a nice book.

Life stinks sometimes. It’s your choice to keep it that way. If you enjoy sitting in a corner and feeling sorry for yourself, then this book is not for you. However, if you are ready for some major changes, including admitting your role in your own destiny, then let’s get started.

Yes, you can crawl out of your festering pit of depression, shake off the weight of your victim mentality, and fearlessly face your future with intention.

No more coping. It’s time to get over it, whatever it is, and get started living!

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