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Do you love to cook? No? Me either! In fact, I hid my culinary skills in hopes that no one would ever make me do it. I mean, who wants to get stuck being “that” person for every potluck or get together, right? I’d rather bring Costco cookies I picked up on the way, if I remembered. I became lightning-quick at volunteering to bring the napkins and soda. Bachelors hated me. No one asked me to make my world-famous special whatever because I didn’t HAVE one. It was perfect.

Best laid plans…

Alas, I found out that I am allergic to wheat. Oh, and sugar kills. Mushrooms, not so much my friend, either. Add to that a little diabetes in my family, coupled with obesity and cancer and – woops! – it’s time to drop all that packaged crap, second-guess those potluck concoctions, ignore the government’s idea of “healthy,” and make real food on my own.

Thing is, I’m a foodie. I love exotic richness, ethnic variations, and FLAVOR. If I was going to introduce tofu into my diet, it was going to be on my terms.

What is a foodie to do?

I wasn’t going to pick up a bow and arrow or a hose and shovel any time soon – who has the time? Luckily, with a little education, chemically-laden food is easy to avoid. I knew that I could take organic, healthy, REAL food and whip it up into something delightful. Quickly. Without any measuring or fancy acrobatics. This became another creative outlet, and boy do I have stories to tell.

I haven’t burned down the kitchen yet – try as I might – but I have come up with some wonderfully easy concoctions that taste so good that my boyfriend proposed.

Cooking is an artform.

Did I write down the recipes? Oh, heavens no! I have a hard enough time following directions in my car, much less my kitchen. While these might resemble “recipes,” I would label them more as “suggestions” or “muses.” I view recipes similarly to handing Michelangelo a paint-by-numbers kit.

You’re too busy to mess with terminology and measuring. You want extra easy, naturally nutritious, totally tasty concoctions that you can slap together in record time, meet all your family’s dietary needs, and still get all the oohs and ahs of a master chef.

Let’s do this.


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