Dogs and doorbells

Abigail at the door

Abigail answers a non-existant doorbell

I adopted my dog, Abigail, when she was just eight weeks old. The breeder lived in an old farmhouse in Puyallup. The front door had one of those brass knockers but no doorbell.

I took Abby home to my then-husband’s house. It was an old mobile home. It did not have a doorbell.

While going through the divorce, Abby and I stayed with my mother. Her doorbell has been broken since she bought the place twenty years ago.

Once I was back on my feet, I rented an apartment. No doorbell.

The house I live in now – you guessed it – no doorbell. Not even a button.

Abigail is three years old now and has never experienced the sound of a real doorbell being rung. So, would somebody PLEASE explain to me why Abby goes ballistic and barks at the front door whenever she hears a doorbell on TV???

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