365 Lessons of Hope Project guest post: Gene Dunford

Guest post from Gene Dunford for the 365 Lessons of Hope Project:

Amazing, how does a dumb device outsmart me? As soon as I need my laptop, it needs to be charged. When someone calls me, my cell phone chirps out its happy message, then dies before I can say hello. I believe the power grid has become sentient. It is the boss of me.

Imagine what would happen if all electricity were neutralized. Most cars wouldn’t start, but you could not get gas even if yours did start. With computers down, you couldn’t buy a stick of gum, even if you had the cash on hand.

Many would starve without the energy to power our farmers’ machinery that enable them to grow our food, not to mention the processors to make, freeze, thaw, and cook our treasured French fries. Without trucks to get the supplies to our stores, people would have to leave the cities altogether.

Enjoy your dinner, but remember the people who make it possible to live miles from the food supply, all of whom depend on electricity.

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