Brain Vomit

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my best friend.  She has a way of spurting ideas, concerns and possible pratfalls that she calls ‘brain vomit.’  While not so appetizing, the description is apt.  It got me to thinking about the differing thought processes of men vs. women.  See, I think differently than she.  As my baby brother so eloquently put it, “Sissy, you are dangerous because you have all the powers of a woman, but you think like a man.”

Aside from my feminine superpowers (which include being able to bat my baby blues and get stuff from men, like cake), he has a point.  When conversing with my friend I realized what one of the biggest contention points between men and women is: Men want to solve, women want to purge.

In short, men, if your woman unloads on you – brain vomits, so to speak, just let her go on with it.  Once it’s all out, she feels better.  Unless she specifically asks for it, she is not looking for you to solve anything.  All she really wants you to do is hold her hair.

I learned this by my friend telling me to shut up and listen.  Now I hold her hair.

Just listen and pour.

Just listen and pour.


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  1. Hahahaha……I bet she provides you a lot af material….

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