Each of Melanie’s programs has a companion book, many are available in several formats on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Click on the covers to read more about each book.


Leadership | Teambuilding | Innovation

The Sniper's Guide to LeadershipWith all the books out there instructing you how to deal with bad bosses, what do you do if you ARE the manager everyone hates or — sometimes worse — that anyone can knock over with a feather?

The Sniper's Guide to Leadership
How to become an effective manager without gunning down your staff

219 pages
ISBN: 9781477642467
What's Wrong with These People coverIf you have ever wished that you could fix all your co-workers, employees, and bosses so that you could get something done correctly and on time for a change, then this book is for you.

What's Wrong with These People?
Bridging the 5 assumption gaps

ISBN: 9781546710059
To be published summer of 2017
Improv Your Bottom LIneBusiness is changing — and changing faster every day. How do you keep up with the changes while keeping your profits up? It’ll take some improvisation!

Improv Your Bottom Line
Surge your sales and strengthen your team with the secrets of improvisation

ISBN: 9781502585486
To be published fall of 2017

Networking | Marketing | Customer Service

Nose-to-Nose NetworkingSocial anxiety? Missed opportunities? How do you get into and out of conversations? Let Abigail show you how!

Nose-to-Nose Networking
No-nonsense, in-person networking tips from a master

90 pages
ISBN: 978-1453721308

Writing | Publishing

The 8 Fatal Mistakes Made by Self-PublishersBetween e-books and print-on-demand, self-publishing is at an all-time high. How do you get your book to stand out — in a good way?

The 8 Fatal Mistakes Made by Self-Publishers
62 pages
The Memoir KitReady to write that novel or memoir but not sure where to start? Get your thoughts, plots, and characters together with this workbook.

The Memoir Kit
Workbook / e-book
The Ghostwriter KitGot a great story to tell but you're just not a writer? This kit will help you put it all together so you can hand it off.

The Ghostwriter Kit
Workbook / E-book

Self-Help | Goalsetting

BattlePlan_thumbIt doesn’t matter if you are a soldier or a pacifist. This isn’t a plan to win a war. This is a plan to win your life.

The Battle Plan
Workbook / E-book
Get Over It & Get Started: Self-help with a spineDon't use your lousy childhood as an excuse to be a lousy adult. Get over it — whatever it is — and get started living!

Get Over It & Get Started
Self-help with a spine

150 pages
ISBN: 978-1463742072

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