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Below is a list of articles I’ve written and published elsewhere to help speakers grow in their craft:


Speech Writing

How to write an effective speech in five minutes

If you have an important presentation coming up, the task of writing a speech may seem daunting. But, if done correctly, the writing part is actually the easiest.

Would you like to break the ice, instantly engage your audience, and show your sense of humor all in one stroke? Consider using some light, self-effacing humor in your presentation.

Three Reasons to Use the Rule of Three in Your Speeches

Many studies have shown that things coming in threes are more satisfying, more humorous, and easier to remember. Your speech writing should employ the Rule of Three for these three reasons…

Introductory Speeches – Ideas For Introducing

Introducing another speaker is a skill that few perfect. Your introductory speech should honor the speaker and prepare the audience, without eclipsing the speaker. This article will help you create a strong introduction that will make you, your organization, and your guest speaker all look good.


Presentation Skills

How to Deal With Nerves When Asked to Give a Speech

You can’t hide anymore: You’ve been asked to give a speech. If the mere idea of speaking in front of a group of people makes you sweat and shake, this article will help you prepare and alleviate those nerves.

How to Give an Informative Speech

Whether you are introducing a new product line to your team or simply educating an audience, your well-delivered informative speech can have a major impact. This article will walk you through the process of choosing what to say, how to say it, and how to make it memorable.

5 Tips to Speak Extemporaneously

Speaking off the cuff doesn’t have to be scary or painful. You can ace job interviews, dates, and social events by following these 5 tips for improving your extemporaneous speaking.

Giving a Comic Speech

You don’t have to be a comedian to add humor to your speeches. All you really need is some basic ground rules for comedy and good observational skills.

Using body language to bolster your topic and your nerves

Even if you are not a professional speaker, you can use some simple techniques to make your presentation smoother and easier to watch. Just keeping these basics in mind can squash that nervous energy that gives you away as a novice.

Using audio and visual silence to drive a point

Sometimes, the most powerful thing we say in a presentation comes from what we don’t say.


PowerPoint / slides

Speech Tips – Using a Projector Without Reading From It

Having a slide presentation incorporated into your program is an excellent way to engage the different learning styles of your audience. But don’t rely on your projector to give the presentation for you!

PowerPoint – Are your slides pointing away from YOU?

How you should really use PowerPoint to get to the point. (Rookie mistakes and how to correct them.)

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