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Articles about networking and social anxiety that I’ve written and published elsewhere.


5 Exercises For Overcoming Shyness in New Situations

When you walk into a new situation, does it feel like everyone is staring at you and judging your every move? Does the idea of stating a conversation with someone you don’t know terrify you? Stop hiding and use these 5 exercises for overcoming your shyness in new situations.

How to Approach and Get Through Awkward Conversations

Have you ever wanted to (or had to) start up a conversation with a stranger and couldn’t figure out how to do it without looking like a dork? These tips will help you get into a conversation, gracefully, with just about anyone!

How to be a World-Class Conversationalist

Have you ever been in a social situation where you didn’t know anyone? Did you find small talk awkward and conversations downright painful? Did you wish there were some easy formula you could use to get started and be remembered?

Networking: What does a dog have that you don’t?

You can easily harness the power of doggy networking by recognizing a few inherent traits. By translating those wonderful doggy qualities into human relationships, you can meet more people, leave lasting impressions, and build networks that will advance your business and your social life.

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