Allow a lot of failure, and you’ll meet a lot of success!

Do you see failure as an event to be avoided at all costs? Do you think that failure and success are mutually exclusive?

If you do, then you may not grasp the concept of failure. Failure is an opportunity. Failure is a process. Failure is a launching pad. Failure is NOT an end point or a defeat – any more than success is a stopping point. When you experience either one, you reassess, learn from the process, and then set your next goal.

Inventors know this. Scientists embrace this. Politicians, musicians, actors, and multi-million dollar business owners thrive on this. What about you?

Yes, perhaps you could avoid pain if you never failed, but you would also avoid success, growth, and opportunity.

Allow a lot of failure, and you'll meet a lot of success! ~Mélanie Hope

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