After the Splat

After the Splat is based on concepts from my book “Get Over It & Get Started.” The original title was “The Coyote Moment,” but, after much honing and sharpening, it became more about getting over the fall, not the moment before the fall.

I am humbled and honored to have been a part of this year’s NSA Academy program – what an amazing learning experience! We got to hear from some of the most talented speakers on the planet, including our instructor, Judi Moreo.

As the finale of our program, we present a 12-minute piece that we deliver to a panel of professional speakers’ bureaus, event planners, and other intimidating people from the speaking world. The idea is that we get honest criticism from the folks that would be likely to hire us (if we are worthy). They don’t pull any punches. Imagine singing for a panel of 6 Simon Cowells.  Yup…heavy duty pressure.

The hardest part? Winnowing down a 1-hour keynote into 12 minutes. Yipe!

It was pretty intense. Every member of our class delivered amazing, inspiring, motivational and educational speeches. I learned a great deal both from their talks and the comments from the panel. I highly recommend this program to any budding, aspiring, or experienced speaker.

The best news? I am, in fact, worth hiring!

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