Abby's Doggy Dos and Don'tsCoverThe live-photo children’s book that teaches good manners with dogs and enhances reading skills while donating 20% of royalties to animal rescues.

We’re fundraising until we can make this book a reality! Please consider joining our team. With any contribution over $25, we will send you an autographed copy of the finished book and be listed in the THANKS section, below.

**Special thanks to our supporters so far!**

Abby’s Doggy Dos and Don’ts

Most parents do a wonderful job of teaching their children not to speak to strangers, but few consider teaching them about how to approach a strange dog – until it’s too late. Some kids run right up to every animal they see, while others may have fears that make them shy away or – worse – run away or yell at an innocent animal. We feel that both reactions are unhealthy and seek to give parents a tool that they may use when teaching their children how to approach an unfamiliar dog without fear.The book will walk children aged 10 and younger through the proper techniques of approaching a dog, what to do if a dog is off-leash or aggressive, and how to understand the subtle clues in a dog’s body language. It will also help children who have fears cope with and possibly overcome their nervousness around dogs by gently meeting them where they are.

Sample of the book Abby's Doggy Dos and Don'ts

Education with Staying Power

We intend to make this book one of the (pardon the phrase) dog-eared, well-loved, and reread books of a new generation. To ensure its longevity and usefulness, each page will have two versions of the text: one for beginning readers and one for more advanced readers. This will enable parents to start out by reading the book to their preschool-aged children. The parents may then use the beginner text to teach their budding readers, and eventually introduce the new words as the children advance in their reading skills. The book is also a great way for siblings to share at different levels.

We eventually want to do a Spanish version of this book so that we may reach the widest audience possible. Since Abby speaks Spanish, she will have no issues with her part.

Abby’s Unique Qualifications

Wherever she goes, Abby quickly makes friends. She’s fabulous with children, other dogs, and even cats. It’s this special quality that makes her a wonderful spokesdog, and she’s handled it like a pro these last couple of years with Mélanie’s first book, Nose-to-Nose Networking.

Golden Retriever using a laptop

With her plucky spirit and her ever-present doggy smile, Abby is the perfect vehicle to teach children – whether or not they like dogs. Adding her cats, Max and Maggie, to the mix will not only engage children who might like cats better, but further strengthen the idea of friendship and acceptance.

Real Photos

Studies have shown that children identify with images of reality more than with concepts. That’s why you are seeing so many more live-action shows instead of cartoons on Saturday mornings. For this reason (and because Abby is so amazing on film), Abby’s Doggy Dos and Don’ts will use live-action photos to deliver its message.

Our Team

Our team includes:

Two orange tabbies

What We Need & What You Get

We are seeking funding to get this book professionally put together and on the market as quickly as possible. Funds will go towards:

  • Research (both child and canine psychology)
  • Writing & editing
  • Photography
  • Child and animal models
  • Design & layout
  • Copyright & publication
  • Marketing & launch

We believe our incentives truly invite you to feel as if you are a valuable member of our team. We hope to bring on as many partners as possible so that the book may benefit a wide audience.

Giving Back

Because Max and Maggie are rescue kitties, we have a huge passion for adoptions and foster programs. Our desire is to make this a perpetual blessing for both children and pets. Therefore, once published, Abby’s Doggy Dos and Don’ts will contribute 20% of ALL royalties to animal rescue and service animal programs. For the first year, we will concentrate on programs that are in the Hurricane Sandy areas. We want to unite pets with their owners!

Golden Retriever with bike horn

Other Ways You Can Help

Besides funding, we would love to have you help in other ways. Please consider:

  • Sending leads for child/pet actors in the Las Vegas area
  • Purchasing and/or reviewing Nose-to-Nose Networking on Amazon and other book sites (good press for that book can only help this one)
  • Joining in the review process of Abby’s Doggy Dos and Don’ts
  • Making noise and driving anyone you know to this project

**Special thanks to those that have joined our team:

Donor: National Payday How F.U.N.K.Y. is Your Phone? By Denise Barnes
  • Paula Bennett & Kristen Kochel
  • Kimberlee Saidoo
  • Ellen Trump
  • Tom Fletcher
  • David Clark
  • Joseph Kephart
  • Lauren Coe
  • DJ Schwend
  • Steve Kane
  • Bill Waltari
  • Nancy Douglas
  • Scott Amsden

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