The 8 Fatal Mistakes Made by Self-Publishers

The publishing world has drastically changed, and self-publishing your book has never been easier. It also means that there are literally thousands of truly terrible books on the market with precious few truly good ones shuffled in the mix. How do you rise above the noise and ensure that your book looks polished and professional (and sells), rather than reeking of amateur (and getting buried alive)? Avoid these 8 fatal mistakes!

The 8 Fatal Mistakes Made by Self-PublishersIn this book, you’ll learn the following:

  • The most common grammar and punctuation mistakes that make you look like a fool — and why you should not rely on Word
  • Compelling reasons to hire a professional editor and designer (and never a member of your family)
  • The secrets of successful formatting for Kindle and Nook
  • How to price, place, and market your book

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