Today I learned…

If you pay attention, the world presents you with a wonderful (or at least, weird) lesson each day.
I have often said that I learn something new every day. My more skeptical friends have challenged me to remember these lessons. I can usually come up with something in the moment – but that got me to thinking: What would happen if I made an effort to remember each lesson? Well, I’d be a lot smarter, that’s for sure!

Christmas of 2013, I took care of my dearest and longest friend in hospice. I told her about my idea for a daily message of hope. She loved it. In fact, she challenged me to do it. Fortunately, I got to read the first few  lessons to her before losing her to cancer. You will find that she stars in quite a few. Lexy was very wise.

The world gives us so many beautiful lessons, but we often take them for granted. These lessons can be amusing, poignant, or painful – and they are always valuable. After 2013 took an incredible toll (from financial to medical to taking away my dearest friend, muse, and supporter), I decided not to take anything for granted. There are 364 more lessons to come – let’s find them together.

Below is the archive for the 365 Lessons of Hope Project – if you missed a day or signed up later, find out what you missed here!


01/05/2014 – Day5: Impatience always costs you more.
01/04/2014 – Day4: Hope is often even more valuable than it appears.
01/03/2014 – Day 3: Blood is thicker than water; friendship is sweeter than wine (or diet cola).
01/02/2014 – Day 2: You cannot learn if you are talking.

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