Pictures of Melanie Hope speaking

If they’re laughing, they’re learning.

As an award-wining humorist and an active improv performer, Mélanie is able to tailor engaging keynotes and workshops that  help participants to grow, even as they’re having fun. Her crazy family, corporate background, and colorful affiliations have provided her many anecdotes that endear her to the audience.

Hope is only the starting point.

Hope is a great place to begin your journey, but hope alone won’t get you where you need to go. Mélanie Hope is not a rah-rah motivational speaker, she is a momentum speaker. Even as she’s energizing the room with a too-crazy-to-not-be-true story, she’s infusing the listener with tools to conquer even the deepest fears and setbacks. From making your dreams to making friends, Hope can light the way towards your ambitions – and teach you how to keep going until you reach them.

Mélanie has an enthusiastic presence that will help any organization or individual grow. She lights up a room with humor and energy!”
- David Clark, Vocal Varieties

Mélanie Hope 2013 headshot

As her mission states, she focuses on overcoming those communication blockades, both with each other and ourselves. She teaches how to overcome the victim mentality, social anxiety,  and/or great odds to succeed in any situation or economy – yet does so with energy, honesty, and her ever-present sense of humor.

Mélanie is known for her wild storytelling and her ability to completely engross her audience. She enjoys the challenges of tailoring her talks for your event.

If you are looking for a exemplary leader who can motivate others to define their goals, reconnect people with their passions, help people feel good about what they have or what they have gone through all with the sense of moving forward, Mélanie Hope is the one.”
- Alexis Easterbrook-Lewis, MBA

The Hope Speaking mission:

Empowering others to intentionally build better business, personal, and self-relationships through effective communication.