Leadership. Team building. Effectively communicating. Networking.

Melanie makes them laugh as they learn

If they’re laughing, they’re learning.

As an award-wining humorist and an active improv performer, Mélanie is able to tailor engaging keynotes and workshops that help participants to grow, even as they’re having fun. Her crazy family, corporate background, and colorful affiliations have provided her many anecdotes that endear her to the audience even as she’s teaching better communications, leadership, and teambuilding skills.

Mélanie has an enthusiastic presence that will help any organization or individual grow. She lights up a room with humor and energy!”
– David Clark, Vocal Varieties

Mélanie is known for her wild storytelling and her ability to completely engross her audience. She enjoys the challenges of tailoring her talks and exercises for your event. Click here to check her availability and to learn more about her keynote subjects.